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September 30, 2004


Mark Bahner

Hi Robert,

You write, "Brilliant. ( That's why it will never get done, but that's another issue! :)"

My idea in this regard has evolved to larger and larger sums. (Typical government mentally, but there you are!)

Right now, I'd say more like paying 2 MILLION Iraqis an average of $5000 a year for 2-3 more years. So we'd be talking about more like $20-30 billion.

Also, as part of that payment, I would have the U.S. government demand that the Iraqis change their constitution to distribute a very large percentage of oil revenue (e.g. 80 percent) equally to every single adult Iraqi.

That idea about distributing oil revenues directly to Iraqi citizens is one of the changes I recommended for the Iraqi constitution (they implemented none of my recommendations, as far as I know):


Thanks for the kind words (if you happen to see Dubyah, please suggest my plan...feel free to take credit ;-))


Robert Stuckey

Brilliant. ( That's why it will never get done, but that's another issue! :)

Mark Bahner

"Aren't we doing that already?"

No, I don't think we are. I think there have been somewhere in the neighborhood of 120,000 total Iraqi Defense Force AND police. I'm talking about 4 times that many people.

Further, I don't think they are paid by the U.S. government. And I don't think they are paid (by the Iraqi interim government) anywhere near the level I'm talking about. I doubt they even get 1/2 of what I'm talking about.

"The difficulty - as I see it - is training them to be competent."

That's difficult. But paying them them a whole lot of money helps to draw top quality people. And building a huge force I think would actually lessen the number of battles they'd have to fight.

I think it would make a big difference if, for example, 100,000 Iraqi troops were deployed to Fallujah, versus maybe 10,000 U.S. marines to that same city.

Given that Fallujah is a city of about 300,000 people, I think it would make a big difference if there was one Iraqi soldier for every 3 people, versus 1 U.S. soldier for every 30 people.

John Rogers

Aren't we doing that already? The difficulty - as I see it - is training them to be competent.

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