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July 06, 2007



Seriously? H-B fusion as the solution, when we can't even reach the break-even-point with D-T? Go on dreaming.


Dec 18, 2008: Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Inc. announces the initiation of a two year long experimental project to test the scientific feasibility of Focus Fusion.

Focus Fusion is:
controlled nuclear fusion using the dense plasma focus(DPF) device and hydrogen-boron fuel.
Hydrogen-boron fuel produces almost no neutrons (e.g. no radioactivity) and allows the direct conversion of energy into electricity.

to confirm the achievement of the high temperatures first observed in previous experiments at Texas A&M University.
to greatly increase the efficiency of energy transfer into the tiny plasmoid where the fusion reactions take place.
to achieve the high magnetic fields needed for the quantum magnetic field effect which will reduce cooling of the plasma by X-ray emissions; and
to use hydrogen-boron fuel to demonstrate greater fusion energy production than energy fed into the plasma (positive net energy production)

The experiment will be carried out in an experimental facility in New Jersey using a newly-built DPF device capable of reaching peak currents of more than 2MA.

This will be the most powerful DPF in North America and the second most powerful in the world. For the millionth of a second that the DPF will be operating during each pulse, its capacitor bank will be supplying about one third as much electricity as all electric generators in the United States.

there still is hope Id say. What do you guys think?



Coming back to the 21st Century economic growth topic, I see that your analysis was in 2004, off of data until 2000.

Now, can you do a new analysis that includes World GDP data until 2008 (where GDP projections for 2008 are fairly well defined at this point). The data exists on the IMF website.

The inclusion of more data through 2008 might help refine your forecast.

Mark Bahner


It would be very cool. I'm with you, if I can find $30 million to spare I'm going to put a hydrogen-boron generator in my basement.

Oh, I wouldn't do that! ;-)

As you've pointed out, it may never be developed.

But there are cool things you can put in your basement right now. I think you can buy a home fuel cell that runs on natural gas that will provide most of your home's electricity and heat for "only" $20,000-30,000.




It would be very cool. I'm with you, if I can find $30 million to spare I'm going to put a hydrogen-boron generator in my basement.

Mark Bahner

What do you know that the Wikipedia author doesn't?

There's no contradiction between anything in the Wikipedia article and anything in my blog post. The Wikipedia article discusses how difficult it may be to develop hydrogen-boron fusion. And my blog post discusses how, if hydrogen-boron fusion *is* developed, it will be the ultimate solution to global warming (and energy needs in general).

But I'll change the title of the post to, "Why hydrogen-boron fusion would be the ultimate solution to global warming".


This is the first time I have ever heard about hydrogen-boron fusion. So I looked it up on the internet and the first article that came up was from Wikipedia. The author (or authors) seem pessimistic about the real world uses of this type of energy generation. The authors cite a number of issues with containment, etc. The authors even state that aneutronic fusion has yet to be proven scientifically feasible.

What do you know that the Wikipedia author doesn't?

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