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May 16, 2014


Mike Patterson

Hi Mark,

I've been digging into your comments on Cook et. al. (2013) and love how you focused on the separate issues of data, analysis/interpretation and presentation.

I built a chart based on the data and comments you included in your Feb. 28, 2014 post on a David Henderson post (https://www.econlib.org/archives/2014/02/david_friedman_14.html) and would love to get your thoughts on this chart. Do you have Twitter account? Or can I email it to you? My email is: mike.patterson@videotron.ca.

Also, a question on the actual dataset from the Cook et. al. study: Why are there two codes in the Endorsement box for each abstract? The two codes (e.g., 2,2) are sometimes the same but often different. Does this mean that each abstract had two reviewers?



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